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Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

What you get

  • Dedicated Emergency Line
  • Automated Alerts
  • Real-time Push Notification
  • History Playback & Backup
  • Remote Engine Control
  • Real-time Engine Status
  • Geofence & Overspeed Alerts
  • National Vehicle Recovery Service
  • iOS, Android App & Web Platform
  • 2-year Warranty


World Class service at unbeatable prices.


Audited recovery rate with a proven track record.


Skilled 24/7, industry approved operation centre.


Dedicated expert ground and air response teams.

Why MoTrack ?

  • As a business or vehicle owner, you want to know how your vehicles are being handled, where they have travelled to and if they are being abused, all while ensuring that your drivers or loved ones arrive on time and safely at your customer’s or their destinations.
  • Motrack allows you to monitor your fleet or loved ones in near real-time, giving you the information that you need to make better decisions.
  • Securing your vehicles is critical to your business and peace of mind, and each vehicle needs to be fitted with a GPS tracking device so that as the owner, you know how your assets are being managed as well as their location.
  • Replacing or repairing a van or truck is expensive to your bottom line and means one less available vehicle. MoTrack is a vehicle tracking solution provider offering accurate timekeeping of your vehicles movements for each vehicle via the use of a vehicle tracker.
  • A vehicle tracker is an essential requirement for any business owner with trucks or cars on the road, or vehicle owner with loved ones on the road. With our easy to use platform, you can view your vehicles from any web-enabled PC or via our Android or iOS App.
  • MoTrack – South Africa’s affordable and easy-to-use vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
  • One Product, One Price, Giving You Control

Powerful GPS App For Android & IOS

Most Advanced GPS Tracking Solutions with Real Time Location Tracking & Instant Alerts

Beautiful and easy interface

Simple Pricing

Initial Cost


Annual Cost


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the installation take?

Between 30min to an 1h 30min depending on the type of tracker that is being fitted and the type of vehicle the tracker is fitted in to.

Is the cut out function recommended for all vehicles?

Cut out tracker can be fitted to most vehicles but not recommended for vehicles under a motor plan.

How far back can I track my vehicle (for record purposes)?

6 months (in a 7 day period)

Can I set speed limit and what happens once speed limits has been exceeded?

Yes you can set speed limits, you will receive notifications via website, app and email of exceeded speed limits.

Will I be notified that my tracker is due for an annual renewal?

You will be notified by email/Whatsapp/SMS 60 days, 30 days and a telephonic courtesy call 7 days before expiration.

Are these trackers insurance approved?

Motrack is currently accepted by Telesure which includes, Auto & General, Budget Insurance, 1st For Women, Virseker, Dial Direct, Unity and Prosper with more Insurance acceptance coming soon.

If vehicle is stolen what process should be followed to retrieve vehicle?

Call 086 164 7278, quote your username and report your vehicle stolen. If you have the cut out function, cut vehicle out. You may be required to obtain a police case number which is to be provided to our Recovery agents.

Is your tracker covered under warranty?

We offer a 24 month warranty, not covering water damage, fire damage and over charging.

What are the responsibilities of the consumer to maintain a functioning tracker?

Always ensure your vehicles electrical system is in working order.

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